The committee and its teams

  • Programme/Photo talks: Claes Hillén, Tore Hagman, Kristoffer Sahlén, Christer Widman
  • Kulturen: Bo-Lennart Andersson, Christer Widman
  • Sponsors: Ulf Lofterud
  • Sports centre: Ralph Torgardh, Ulf Lofterud, Marie Mattsson
  • Communikation: Claes Hillén, Inger Palo, Günther Dippe
  • Office/budget: Ulf Lofterud
  • Photo competitions: Günther Dippe, Gunnar Berglund
  • Web editors: Claes Hillén, Günther Dippe, Inger Palo
  • Web manager: Günther Dippe

We can be reached via our contact form.